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The County of Dufferin Ontario



DufferinMaps - an interactive map with local amenities such as arenas, rec centres, trails, recreational activities


Simplicity Interactive Mapping (GIS)
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County Basemap
1 page map of all of Dufferin County.

Dufferin County Roads
1 page map showing larger settlements and County Roads and Highways in Dufferin County.

Dufferin County Mapbook
Comprehensive 44 page book with detailed mapping of all roads within Dufferin County.

Rural Addressing System (Emergency Numbering) North/South
Rural Addressing System (Emergency Numbering) East/West
2 page map (East/West road and North/South roads) of 6-digit civic addressing (emergency numbering) system in Dufferin County.

Dufferin Farm Fresh - http://dufferinfarmfresh.com

In Dufferin County we are proud of our agricultural history. We have some of Ontario's best soil, now famous for our potatoes.

We are a county of very large farms and very small farms, farmers who have been here for generations, and others who are coming to Dufferin to farm for the first time. Famous for potatoes, we are also large dairy farmers, cattle and calf operators and of course grow hay, corn, soy and many other market vegetables, fruits and plants.

Map and Compass Photo
Headwaters Communities in Action has compiled information about more than 20 Trails in Headwaters and uploaded this info.

On each trail page, youll also find a place to share comments so please take a few minutes to let us know what you think or share ideas for how we can make this listing even better!


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