Application Process and Fees


Schedule A in the By-Law 2015-38 outlined a range of planning activities that correspond to a specific fee and/or deposit.

The intent of the deposit is to cover the costs of consultation with our planning consultant, a solicitor, a professional engineer, Ontario land surveyor or other consultants as necessary. In addition, there may be costs associated with the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) if the application is appealed. In such case, the County may need to provide representation at the tribunal.

Once County Council makes their decision, and upon project completion, assuming all fees and charges have been paid to the satisfaction of the County, the remaining unused deposit will be returned to the applicant without interest.

Application /Activity Fees Deposit
County OPA - Major $4,000 $15,000
County OPA - Minor $1,750 $10,000
County OPA - Municipality Initiated $750 N/A
Combined County OPA and Local OPA - Major $3,000 $15,000
Combined County OPA and Local OPA - Minor $1,500 $10,000
Local OPA (Approver) - Major $1,250 $2,000
Local OPA (Approver) - Minor $750 $1,000
Local OPA (Commenter) - Major $500 $2,000*
Local OPA (Commenter) - Minor $200 $1,000*
Other Major Applications Requiring Comment N/A $1,000*
Aggregate Application $2,000 $25,000
Pre-Consultation - Major Application $1,000 $10,000*
Pre-Consultation - Minor Application $500 $3,000
Sub-Review N/A $10,000*

Deposits with an (*) annotation next to the amount will be assessed by planning staff and depending on the complexity of the application may be reduced or adjusted accordingly. Minor applications are site specific.

Application Process

The County and Local Official Plan Amendment (OPA) Process flow charts illustrate the step by step process an applicant needs to take when their proposal requires a change in designation in the County and Local Official Plan.

Planning Applications

To apply for an Official Plan Amendment, please complete the form below. 

Before completing the Pre-Consultation application, please click here to review the Pre-Consultation By-Law.

You may be required to consult with the Department of Development and Tourism if you are filing an application to amend a local municipal official plan or zoning by-law, or filing an application for approval of a draft plan of subdivision/condominium, consent, or minor variance. The pre-consultation form is available below.