Virtual Communities of Practice - Multi-Generational Workforce Mentoring

Monday October 10, 2022


All educators in Dufferin County are invited to register for a free online virtual community of practice. You will have free and unlimited 24/7 access to this space where we will think, reflect, and connect together with educators from all over Dufferin County. It is similar to a  closed Facebook group where you can connect with others and share ideas all through your phone or computer. You will be placed in a virtual community of practice based on where you are at in your career. This accessible space allows you to have 24/7 access to a community of companions at your fingertips. This offering is responding to the desires of building community, collaboration, and belonging in the sector. Registration opens October 3, 2022.

The Multi-Generational Workforce Mentoring Community is a space for those who have been in the sector for 3+ years to dig deeper into their practice.

New community offerings will be available weekly starting October 10, 2022.

Communities of practice poster


Communities of practice poster