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Development Charges Study
Budgets And Financial Statements

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The 2017 Development Charges Background Study and proposed development charges by-law is available for public review and comment. 

Development Charges Background Study - Revised

Development Charges Background Study

2017-37 Development Charges By-law

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Dufferin County 2019 Budget Presentation - January 10, 2019

Dufferin County 2018 Budget Presentation - October 12, 2017

Dufferin County 2017 Budget Presentation - November 10, 2016

Dufferin County 2017 Budget Presentation - October 13, 2016 

Dufferin County 2017 Budget Presentation - September 8, 2016

Dufferin County 2017 Budget Presentation - July 14, 2016

Departmental Budget Presentations

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Corporate Services

Community Services

Dufferin Oaks Long Term Care Home

Paramedic Service

Planning, Economic Development & Culture

Public Works



How the Budget Works

Dufferin County’s budget has two components referred to as the operating budget and the capital budget. The operating budget is similar to your day to day costs like utilities, groceries or phone bill. The capital budget is like your longer term investments such as your car or house. Each year the Treasury department works in conjunction with all departments to draft a budget for submission to Council for approval.

Operating Budget

The operating budget pays for the daily business of Dufferin County. This budget pays for wages, materials and supplies, programs, services and repayment of debt for major projects.

Tax dollars and income from fees and service charges, with support from provincial and/or federal sources fund the operating budget.

Capital Budget

The capital budget is the annual plan for the purchase of capital assets. Capital assets include things like roads, buildings, vehicles, machinery and equipment. The capital budget is funded predominantly by tax dollars and support from provincial and/or federal sources as well as small amounts from the resale of vehicles and other equipment.

2019 Draft Budget Package

2018 Approved Budget Package 

2017 Approved Budget Package

2016 Approved Budget Package

2015 Approved Budget Package

2015 Approved Budget Summary

2014 Approved Budget Summary


Audited Financial Statements

Financial statements for Dufferin County are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for local governments. The statements are audited annually according to Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) standards.






Asset Management Plan

Asset management planning is the process of making the best possible decisions regarding the building, operating, maintaining, renewing, replacing and disposing of infrastructure assets. The objective is to maximize benefits, manage risk, and provide satisfactory levels of service to the public in a sustainable manner. Asset management requires a thorough understanding of the characteristics and condition of infrastructure assets, as well as the service levels expected from them. It also involves setting strategic priorities to optimize decision making about when and how to proceed with investments.

The 2013 Edition of the Dufferin County Asset Management Plan is a starting point. It will be updated, and expanded, on an annual basis in the future following yearly reviews by County Council.


 Asset Management Presentation from the September 10, 2015 Council Meeting

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Groups and organizations seeking support in the form of funds (known as “Grants”) are required to complete an application form and submit it to the Administration Department.  All requests are reviewed at the same time each year by the General Government Services Committee.

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The FFTG program is in support of registered charities or not-for-profit organizations who are providing direct food services to individuals and families in Dufferin County.  For complete information, including required criteria for eligibility, please view the "Funding Guidelines."

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