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The County of Dufferin Ontario


Dufferin County Council consists of 13 members representing eight municipalities. Each municipality in Dufferin is represented at County Council by their elected representatives.

Council Members For The 2014 To 2018 Term Of Council Are:
Council Committees
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Council Members for the 2014 to 2018 Term of Council are:

Jane Aultman, Deputy Mayor of Amaranth (jaultman@dufferincounty.ca)
Ken Bennington, Mayor of Shelburne (kbennington@dufferincounty.ca)
Geoff Dunlop, Deputy Mayor of Shelburne (gdunlop@dufferincounty.ca)
Guy Gardhouse, Mayor of East Garafraxa (ggardhouse@dufferincounty.ca)
Earl Hawkins, Deputy Mayor of Mulmur (ehawkins@dufferincounty.ca)
Don MacIver, Mayor of Amaranth
Warren Maycock, Deputy Mayor of Orangeville (wmaycock@dufferincounty.ca)
Ken McGhee, Deputy Mayor of Mono (kmcghee@dufferincounty.ca)
Paul Mills, Mayor of Mulmur
Laura Ryan, Mayor of Mono
Steve Soloman, Mayor of Grand Valley
Darren White, Mayor of Melancthon
Jeremy Williams, Mayor of Orangeville


Unofficial Election Results for the 2018-2022 Term of County Council


Steve Anderson, Deputy Mayor Elect of Shelburne

Sandy Brown, Mayor Elect of Orangeville

John Creelman, Deputy Mayor Elect of Mono

Bob Currie, Mayor Elect of Amaranth

Guy Gardhouse, Mayor of East Garafraxa

Chris Gerrits, Deputy Mayor Elect of Amaranth

Earl Hawkins, Deputy Mayor of Mulmur

Janet Horner, Mayor Elect of Mulmur

Andy Macintosh, Deputy Mayor Elect of Orangeville

Wade Mills, Mayor Elect of Shelburne

Philip Rentsch, Deputy Mayor Elect of Grand Valley

Laura Ryan, Mayor of Mono

Steve Soloman, Mayor of Grand Valley

Darren White, Mayor of Melancthon





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Standing Committees:
County Council utilizes a standing committee structure to facilitate the decision making process. Each standing committee meets regularly and the minutes of each committee then go forward to County Council for adoption. County Council also makes appointments to external boards and commissions.

Standing Committees are:

General Government Services - Ken McGhee, Chair
Public Works Committee - Jane Aultman, Chair
Community Services Dufferin Oaks Committee - Laura Ryan, Chair

Each Councillor is appointed to one of the Standing Committees. Committee Membership is changed each year in December. The Warden sits on all Committees as-of-right.

Other Committees and Boards:
There are committees and boards that operate outside of the direct municipal influence, however, the municipality makes appointments to these bodies.

Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health Board 2 council members
Hills of Headwaters Tourism Association 1 council member
Dufferin Board of Trade 1 council member


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According to Section 239 of the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended, any person may request an investigation to determine if a municipality or local board has met the requirements outlined in the Municipal Act or its (the Municipal Act's) Procedure By-law regarding a meeting that was closed to the public, in part or in whole.

If you feel that any board or sub-commitee of a municipality within the County of Dufferin has failed to meet its closed meeting requirements, then you may submit a request for investigation. This should be done using this Closed Meeting Investigation Request Form. All instructions for submitting the request are explained on the form.



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The County of Dufferin Ontario

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