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Administration and Corporate Services includes the following services:

Chief Administrative Officer
All Department Heads report to the CAO and to their Standing Committee. The CAO reports to Council, attends all committee meetings in her role as principal policy advisor and acts as liaison with other public and private agencies.

Clerk’s Department
The Clerk's responsibilities include Council/Committee secretariat, recording all resolutions, decisions and proceedings of County Council. Staff prepares the by-laws, the minutes of meetings and the agenda packages and acts as Co-ordinator under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Human Resources
The Human Resources Services is responsible for labour and employee relations, collective agreement administration, payroll, employee benefits and pensions, health and safety, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board administration, policy and procedure administration, recruitment/staffing and all related programs. Please click here to check for career opportunities.

Information Technology (I.T.) Department
The I.T. Department is responsible for the implementation and management of all technical services of the County. These would include infrastructure (equipment and networking), communications (web, E-mail, cellular & telephone service), and corporate software applications.

Building Department includes the following services:

Building Services
The Building Department offers services to the public and construction trades throughout the County. The responsibility of the Building Department is to ensure that each building, whether residential, commercial or farm building, is built to the standards required by the Ontario Building Code, Canadian Farm Building Code or the National Building Code. For further information, please click here.

By-Law Enforcement
Dufferin County provides by-law enforcement services for the municipalities of Amaranth, East Garafraxa, Grand Valley, Melancthon, Mono, Mulmur and Shelburne.

Staff oversees facility management for the County Administration and Court House, three Land Ambulance Stations, Jean Hamlyn Centre, the Community Services building, Museum and various County owned housing complexes.

Community Services includes the following services:

Children Services
The County of Dufferin delivers and manages programs and services to support child care in the community. Services include the Ontario Early Years Centre, Jean Hamlyn Day Care Centre, Raising the Bar – Dufferin and Child Care Fee Subsidy.
For further information and locations, please click here.

Emergency Management
The Emergency Management Division is responsible for the prevention and mitigation of, preparedness and response to and recovery from disasters for the County of Dufferin and each of its eight member municipalities. Staff provides several resources for residents and businesses who may be interested in learning more about emergency preparedness for both homes and businesses.
For more information, please click here.

Employment Resource Centres
The Employment Resource Centres are self-directed resource sites where clients can access job postings and the tools needed for job searching. Services include access to computer, internet, fax and photocopy services. Staff on hand can advise clients to help them get the information they are looking for.

The Community Services Department operates Employment Resource Centres in Orangeville and Shelburne. For hours & locations, please click here.

Jean Hamlyn Daycare Centre
The program at Jean Hamlyn Day Care provides a safe and healthy environment for children 18 months to 12 years of age that allows your child to develop a positive self-image.

Jean Hamlyn Day Care Centre is owned and operated by the County of Dufferin, and licensed by the Ministry of Education. For more information, please click here.

Ontario Works (social assistance)
Ontario Works is a program which provides financial and employment assistance to people in financial need. The County of Dufferin delivers various financial programs to eligible residents.
For more information, please click here.

Social Housing (Homelessness Prevention programs)
The Social Housing division delivers several program to assist eligible applicants with housing related expenses, which includes Rent Geared to Income, Homeless Prevention Program and Homeownership Program.  For more information on Social Housing programs in Dufferin, and how to apply for assistance, please click here.

Dufferin County Forest
Responsibilities in the management of County owned forests are governed by an approved Forest Management Plan – “Our Forest Our Future” and include the planning and application of accepted forest management practices, public education and advocacy regarding proper woodlot management practices, an advisory service to other municipally-operated forest operations, by-law enforcement, and the operation and administration of a variety of public uses of these lands.
For further information, please click here.

Dufferin County Museum & Archives
The Dufferin County Museum & Archives is a community facility, which collects, preserves, exhibits and interprets artifacts and information about the history of Dufferin County. The museum includes archives, a public art gallery and offers educational programs and an annual calendar of special events.
For further information, please click here.

Dufferin Oaks Long Term Care Home for Seniors
Dufferin Oaks is a 160 bed not-for-profit Long Term Care Home owned and operated by the County of Dufferin under the standards established by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.  Also operating under this umbrella is Dufferin County Community Support Services (DCCSS), The Mel Lloyd Centre, and The McKelvie Burnside Village.
For further information, please click here.

Dufferin Paramedic Service
Dufferin County Paramedic Service has been providing Emergency Patient Care to the sick and injured for more than 40 years. Staff also provides defibrillation, symptom relief and I.V. therapy on all vehicles and advanced care paramedics on selected vehicles.
For further information, please click here.

Public Works includes the following services:

County Roads and Bridges
The Public Works Department is responsible for the County roads, bridges and culverts. This includes capital construction, re-construction and resurfacing projects as well as all maintenance – winter snow removal, sign maintenance, line painting, roadside grass cutting etc.

Any activity involving a County road or adjacent property is under the authority of and administered by the Public Works Department, including:

  • Excess Load Permits
  • Road Occupancy Permits
  • Adopt a Road Program
  • Advertising Signs
  • Entrances
For further information, please click here.

Emergency Numbering and Geographic Information System (G.I.S)
All rural properties in Dufferin must have a 6-digit civic address, or “emergency number”. This number is used by emergency services to locate properties as well as for school bus pick-up, courier delivery, utilities, etc. A sign displaying this number is mandatory and is available from the Public Works Department.
For further information, please click here.

The GIS Department handles requests for maps as well as mapping, road and traffic data.
For further information, please click here.

Waste Management
Dufferin County Waste Services provides residents with collection of garbage, Blue Boxes, Green Bins, yard waste, bulky items and white goods at the curb, as well as hazardous and electronic waste collection at special event days.  Waste Services is also committed to promoting waste diversion and the three Rs in our community.

The Treasury Department is responsible for managing the finances of the County which includes, processing all accounts payables and receivables, the budget process, cash management, financial reporting, procurement, insurance and risk management, external audit, investment and borrowing, Development Charges, and Tax Policy setting.

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The County of Dufferin Ontario

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