Household Hazardous Waste and Batteries

Hazardous wastes contain substances that can be harmful to human health and the environment. It is very important that we keep these materials of out the landfill.

Can't make it to an event?  Search the Which Bin? tool for more options on where to take stuff for proper recycling and disposal.

car batteries

Acceptable Materials at Events

  • Hazardous Wastes

    Automotive containers, fluids, & batteries
    Antifreeze, gasoline & other fuels, used motor oil & filters, automotive batteries and empty containers of automotive fluids

    Household chemicals & cleaning products
    Aerosols, bleach, paints, pool chemicals, rat poison, solvents

    Other household items
    Compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, fluorescent tubes, batteries (all types), lighters and lighter fluid, propane cylinders, thermostats containing mercury

    Lawn & garden products
    Fertilizer, pesticides & herbicides

    Health products
    Pharmaceuticals, expired medications, vitamins, sharps & syringes (in a rigid & sealed container) 


    All materials should be left in the original container or labelled to allow easy identification of the contents. Unidentified/unknown materials will not be accepted. Please tightly cap all containers.

  • Electronic Wastes

    Audio equipment
    Radios & audio players (CD/DVD/Cassette/mp3), recorders, turntables, speakers, equalizers, amplifiers

    Cameras and camcorders (all types)

    Computers and computer parts
    Laptops, tablets, monitors, printers, scanners, and peripherals (modems, mice, etc.)

    Electrical household items
    Lamps, fans, alarm clocks, digital frames, typewriters, hair dryers, straighteners, electric toothbrushes, christmas lights

    Electric tools
    Power tools, electric hedge trimmers, electric leaf blowers, electric lawn mowers, vacuums

    Home entertainment equipment
    Televisions (all types), receivers, game consoles and cartridges, video projectors, VHS/DVD players & recorders

    Phones and communication devices
    Cell phones, smart phones, pagers, telephones, answering machines

    Small appliances
    Microwaves, toasters, coffee machines, blenders, coffee grinders, shredders

Unacceptable Materials at Events

No waste from industrial, commercial, or institutional sources. Household waste only.

Unidentified/unknown materials will not be accepted.

No garbage or recycling.

No white goods, such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers.

Liquid containers must not exceed 20L (5.25gal). Propane tanks must not exceed 13.6kg (30lbs). Drums of material will not be accepted. Please place materials into smaller containers.

Curbside Battery Collection

Twice a year, residents can place single-use, rechargeable, and dry cell batteries at the curb for recycling, on their collection day. Residents will receive their battery bag in the mail about two weeks prior to the collection week. If you do not receive a battery bag or would like additional bags, please visit the County Office at 30 Center Street, Orangeville.


2023 Collection Date:

March 13-16, 2023

Single-use and rechargeable household batteries can also be dropped of at battery recycling stations. Please remember to cover 9V battery terminals with masking tape.

Drop Off Locations:

Alder Street Recreation Centre – 275 Alder Street, Orangeville

Amaranth Municipal Office – 374028 6th Line, Amaranth

Centre Dufferin Recreation Complex – 200 Fiddlepark Lane, Shelburne

Dufferin County Museum and Archives – Hwy 89 & Airport Road, Mulmur

Dufferin Oaks Long Term Care Home – 151 Centre Street, Shelburne

East Garafraxa Municipal Office - 065371 Dufferin Road 3, Unit 2, East Garafraxa

Grand Valley Municipal Office – 5 Main Street N., Grand Valley

Grand Valley Public Library – 4 Amaranth Street E., Grand Valley

Melancthon Municipal Office – 157101 Highway 10, Melancthon

Mill Street Library – 1 Mill Street, Orangeville

Mono Municipal Office – 347209 Dufferin Road 8, Mono

Mulmur Municipal Office – 758070 2nd Line E., Mulmur

North Dufferin Community Care – 706114 Dufferin Road 21, Honeywood

Orangeville Town Hall – 87 Broadway, Orangeville

Shelburne Public Library – 201 Owen Sounds Street, Shelburne

Shelburne Town Hall – 203 Main Street, Shelburne

Tony Rose Memorial Sports Centre – 6 Northmen Way, Orangeville

W. & M. Edelbrock Centre – 30 Centre Street, Orangeville