Cardiac Arrest Survivor Recognizes First Responders

Aug 29th, 2019
By mhargrave
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Headwaters Health Care Centre Media Release

Cardiac Arrest Survivor Recognizes First Responders  

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ORANGEVILLE, ON – August 29, 2019 – Headwaters Health Care Centre and Dufferin County Paramedic Services were joined by Shelburne resident Borys Lenko and his family to recognize the first responders who successfully resuscitated Borys after he suffered cardiac arrest on July 11, 2019. During this event Borys also made donations in honour of each first responder to a charity of their choice. The recipient charities are the Headwaters Health Care Foundation, Southlake Foundation, and Special Olympics Ontario.    

On August 29 Borys recognized Dufferin County Paramedics Sim Ouellette and Mike Tapley and West Grey Police Officer Cory Trainor as well as other first responders including the Shelburne Fire Department, Orangeville and Shelburne Police Departments surrounded by friends, family and recipient charities.  

Borys said “I can't thank everyone enough for saving my life. After my surgery at Southlake I was transferred back to Headwaters for follow-up care. All my care has been extraordinary.”   

The event was in recognition of the first responders who came to Borys’ aid and seamlessly worked together in efforts to save his life.  On July 11, 2019 around 9:00 pm Borys suddenly collapsed after having some indigestion. With Borys unresponsive, his wife Janet, called 9-1-1 and then ran across the road to the Shelburne Ambulance Station for additional help.   

Their neighbour Cory, an off duty West Grey Police Officer noticed Janet and jumped into action. He began CPR as they waited for the first responders to arrive. Paramedics, Sim and Mike, were next to arrive on the scene and initiated treatment along with the support of the Shelburne Police Department and Shelburne Fire Department. Thankfully the first responders were able to successfully resuscitate him.   

The paramedics then transported him to Southlake Regional Health Centre where he underwent a procedure called PCI – Percutaneous Coronary Intervention, which they inserted five stents into the affected vessels. Five days after his operation Borys was discharged and has since been doing well at home.   

Tom Reid, Dufferin County Chief of Paramedics spoke about the events of July 11 stating, “It takes a team. We are very proud of our paramedics, our community first responders, and the integration between Southlake Regional Health Centre, Dufferin County Paramedic Service, and Headwaters Health Care Centre, to support cardiac patients. As we move forward with Ontario Health Team this is more evidence that when we work together as a community, amazing things can happen!” 

John Creelman, Deputy Mayor of Mono and County of Dufferin Councillor spoke about the Lenko’s generosity and their wish to give back to the community. “This is certainly a wonderful recognition of the exceptional work of Dufferin’s first responders. They are second to none and we value them every day,” he said.  

 What is cardiac arrest?  

Cardiac arrest is when the heart suddenly stops beating normally and cannot pump blood effectively. It is caused by an abnormal heart rhythm and the heart can no longer pump blood into the rest of the body. People suffering from cardiac arrest are unresponsive and not breathing. Without immediate action, death can occur within minutes.  

 Quick facts about Cardiac Care:  

  • Research shows that in Canada, up to 45,000 people do not survive sudden cardiac arrest each year 
  • The survival rate of victims from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is approximately 5%. 
  • Knowing how to respond to a cardiac arrest can increase the odds of survival and recovery by 30% or more  
  • Almost 80% of all cardiac arrests occur in homes and public places 
  • 35-55% are witnessed by a family member, co-worker, or friend 

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 About Dufferin County Paramedic Service  

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