Dufferin’s Community Safety & Well-Being Plan

Nov 9th, 2020
By rwhelan

The Comprehensive Police Services Act (2019) requires municipal governments to adopt Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) plans. The legislation states every municipal council is required to develop and adopt these plans by working in partnership with a multi-sectoral advisory committee, effective January 1, 2019 and to be completed originally by January 1, 2021. However, in light of the pandemic the Province signaled that an extension would be granted. In June 2021, County Council and all 8 lower tier municipalities adopted Dufferin's Community Safety & Well-Being Plan.

The Community Safety and Well-Being Planning Framework helped to guide our municipality and local partners develop a local plan. Four priority areas have been developed to assist this framework:

  1. Social development
  2. Prevention
  3. Risk intervention, and
  4. Incident response

Check out our CSWB plan project page on Join In Dufferin HERE

For more information about the Ontario CSWB plan framework, please click here.

To view Dufferin's Community Safety & Well-Being plan, CLICK HERE.