Town of Mono Public Notice

Jun 29th, 2022
By tchan

The Town of Mono Cardinal Woods Drinking Water System is currently undergoing mechanical issues within the Cardinal Woods Drinking Water System and the Town of Mono is implementing a Water Ban Effective immediately (June 29, 2022) until further notice.

Town of Mono By-law No. 2014-35 Section 4.04 states, The Municipality may, at any time, in its absolute discretion restrict the use of water supplied by the Municipality for the watering of outdoor plants, shrubs, trees, flowers, vegetables or grass, or any use other than for strictly domestic household purposes.

Water use is to be limited to domestic (cooking, drinking and bathing) use only. This ban is in effect until further notice. For updates on this issue please visit

Your strict adherence to this Public Notice is greatly appreciated.

Michael Dunmore, CRS
Water Department
Town of Mono