Mental Health in Agriculture

When it comes to mental health, agriculture professionals is under-represented in Ontario, and there is a deficit in the support available to farmers and operators. 

But there are groups and organizations looking to change that. See below for a comprehensive list of resources, supports and organizations dedicated to supporting mental wellness in the agriculture sector. 


Networks & Programs

AgriSafe Network

This non-profit organization has a list of fact sheets and webinars designed to reduce health disparities in the agricultural community.

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Farm Management Canada

Their "Healthy Minds, Healthy Farms" kit is filled with easy-to-use resources for promoting mental health awareness in agriculture.

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The Farmer Wellness Program

This program for farmers and farm families offers a safe, flexible way to obtain confidential support - with subsidized rates.

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Ontario Federation of Agriculture

A list of resources, classes, studies and direct support systems designed to reduce the barriers to mental health in farming.

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Do More Ag

This organization works offers community funds, facilitated weekly peer groups and resources for those seeking more support. 

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Chicken Farmers of Canada

This organization offers a resource list for mental health support on their webpage that includes webinars, articles and therapy contacts.

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4H Canada

4-H Canada’s Healthy Living Initiative is a series of resources and activities available to 4-H’s volunteer leaders, youth members and their families to support their health and well-being.

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Farm Credit Canada

"Rooted in Strength" resources supporting wellness in the farming sector. Includes true stories, peer supports, articles and a mental health assessment tool. 

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In the Know

A four-hour mental health literacy workshop Created by the Canadian Mental Health Association.

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Mental Health & Agriculture

This page has been created for the agriculture industry and is intended to connect farmers and community members.

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The Farmer's Toolbox

This mental health resource site has been curated for farmers, anyone in the agricultural industry and residents of rural Ontario.

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Mental Health and the Impact on Wellness

An assessment worksheet for farmers, designed by AgriSafe Network. 

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Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit

A community-based mental health program with education, peer support training, & practical resources for agricultural communities.

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Emergency Response Model - Farmers

This amazing guidance document outlines recommendations for attending to farmer mental health during times of agricultural crisis.

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Mental Health for Farmers – First Aid Kit

Government-curated resources available to farmers and their families to help reduce stress and improve their well-being.

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Difficult Times: Stress on the Farm

This resource enables farmers to understand stress, its impact, and learn skills to balance stress when farming in difficult times.

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Identifying and Managing Stress: A Business Owner's Guide

Fact sheet for identifying stressors when running a farm-and how to manage them. 

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4H Intro to Mental Health

Shareable fact sheet on mental health, designed for young farmers. 

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Reports on Mental Health in Agriculture

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, & Resilience in Canadian farmers

An academic study conducted to estimate the prevalence of stress, anxiety, depression, and resilience amongst Canadian farmers.

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Healthy Minds, Healthy Farmers

A Farm Management Canada report exploring the connection between mental health and farm business management. 

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Mental Health: A Priority for our Farmers

A published report conducted by the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food.

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Research trends in farmers’ mental health

A scoping review of mental health outcomes and interventions among farming populations worldwide

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Webinars & Podcasts

Healthy Living Initiative

Mental health resource video by 4H Canada

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Mental Health Matters – Video Campaign

By the Ontario Federation of Agriculture

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Perth County Podcast

Insights, tools and best practices for supporting Perth Country businesses.

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A Farmer's Journey Through Stress, Depression, Anxiety

Podcast on how to identify early signs of depression and anxiety caused by stressors in the industry and life.

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We Need to Do More

The founder of Do More Ag speaks about supporting within your means and encourages those wanting to “Do More” to seek out mental health training in their community.

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Mind Your Farm Business

Farmer Christi Friesen talks with RealAg Radio about her personal journey, including the challenges and opportunities she’s faced in the past. 

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Making Headway on Mental Health in Agriculture

Dr. Andria Jones-Bitton talks mental health, how it impacts farms across Canada, and what we can do to tackle it head-on.

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Depression & Suicide Among Farmers

HuffPost video on the realities of mental health and its impacts on the agriculture communities within Minnesota. 

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