Dufferin County partners with Ontario Early Years and Child Care Service System Managers to raise awareness of licensed child care sector

Jan 16th, 2023
By mball

The County of Dufferin’s Early Years and Child Care division is partnering with all 47 of Ontario’s Early Years and Child Care Service System Managers to launch a province-wide marketing campaign, initiated by the County of Wellington. The campaign, which launches today, is aimed at generating an increased understanding of, and support for, Ontario’s licensed child care sector. 

The goal of the campaign is to increase public awareness and provide key facts to ensure the province is able to maintain a stable early education system that is equitably available, accessible and affordable.

Quality child care supports the economy

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted child care as an essential service, that had to be sustained for emergency services to be offered throughout the pandemic. Quality licensed child care will continue to play an important role in helping families and the economy rebound from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quality child care is important for a child’s development and future success

High-quality licensed child care provides Ontario’s children with safe, responsive, and caring interactions that helps children develop vital skills and build a strong foundation for their wellbeing and continued development to grow into healthy and productive adults.

Early Childhood Educators are essential for quality child care.

Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) are trained professionals with expertise in child development who are a key element of quality child care.  These professionals must be recognized, valued, and fairly compensated for the important they role play in the lives of children, families, and communities at large. All communities need sufficient qualified and engaged RECEs to perform and deliver child care’s evidence-based early learning and child care benefits.

Learn more about high quality licensed child care here.


The importance of high-quality licensed child care to economic growth, children’s optimal development, and the success of women in the workforce has long been known among professionals, researchers, and analysts in the sector. All 47 Child Care Service System Managers across the province have come together alongside the County of Wellington to create a common toolkit to share in their local communities. We hope the public will learn more about the importance of high-quality licensed child care, engage with their local Child Care Service System Manager, and advocate for ways to sustain the child care sector and acknowledge RECEs for the important work they do.”

- Lori-Jane Del Medico, Early Years and Child Care Program Manager, County of Dufferin



Megan Ball, Manager of Communications