Waste less food, save money and eat healthier, Dufferin County!

Nov 24th, 2023
By mball

Dufferin County is calling on residents to reduce their food waste – it can save you money and help you eat healthier!

“The average Canadian household throws away up to $1500 worth of food annually,” says Melissa Kovacs-Reid, Manager, Waste Services. “Most of this food waste consists of healthy fruits and vegetables. By reducing your food waste, you can save more money and eat healthier in the process!”

There are two types of food waste: edible and inedible food waste. Edible food waste is food that could have been eaten but was thrown out instead. Inedible food waste consists of food that isn’t usually eaten, such as peels, apple cores, banana peels, eggshells, coffee grounds and bones.

Learn to reduce your edible food waste by using the Plan to Save, Reduce Food Waste tips and resources to help you buy only what you need, preserve what you buy and love your leftovers!

Make a meal plan

Buy only what you need. Use a meal planner to create menus for each day of the week! Once you have your daily meals, create a shopping list and stick to it when you’re at the grocery store so you don’t buy too much. Download a printable meal planner here.

Preserve what you buy

Did you know that using your fridge properly can help you preserve your groceries longer? Each section of the fridge and freezer helps keep food fresh. Download the refrigerator infographic to get you started! You can also download the fruits and vegetables storage guide to help you properly preserve your produce.

Love your leftovers

Leftovers can get boring, but they don’t have to be. Get creative and love your leftovers by turning them into a new meal! You can make sandwiches from that leftover roast or make soup with your vegetables from the night before. Need inspiration? Find a leftover recipe from the Love Food Hate Waste website!

Visit www.dufferincounty.ca/waste to learn more about the Plan to Save, Reduce Food Waste campaign! Follow Dufferin Waste on Facebook and Twitter and download the free Dufferin Waste App for more tips and information on waste reduction in Dufferin County.




Megan Ball, Manager of Communications