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2017 Wage Enhancement and HCCEG Guidelines 

The Association of Day Care Operators of Ontario (ADCO)



County of Dufferin Children’s Services is now implementing the 2017 Wage Enhancement/Home Child Care Enhancement Grant (HCCEG) for eligible child care positions/home child care providers at licensed child care centres and licensed home child care agencies. The following information provides an overview and outlines the application process.

What is this funding?

The wage enhancement/HCCEG grants, provided by the Ontario government (Ministry of Education), were first implemented in 2015 with a three year commitment. The intent is to help close the gap between compensation of RECEs working in schools and RECEs working in child care centres, and also to assist with staff retention and income security of both RECEs and non-RECEs at licensed child care providers, as well as to help support licensed home child care agencies.

Who is eligible to receive the funding?

Eligible program positions working in licensed child care centres or home providers (supervisors, ECEs, home child care visitors, and other staff counted towards adult to child ratios) are entitled to a wage enhancement (wage increase) of up to $2 per hour. An additional 17.5% of this amount is provided to the operators to cover employer-paid mandatory benefits on these increases. Non-program positions (cooks, etc.) are only eligible for wage enhancement if the position spends at least 25% of their time supporting ratio requirements.

In 2017, qualifying home child care providers working with a licensed Private Home Day Care (PHDC) agency are entitled to a Home Child Care Enhancement Grant (HCCEG) of up to $20 per day including benefits.

  • Note: To be included in the application and calculations for the 2017 funding entitlement, programs and home providers must have been licensed and started operations by December 31, 2016. Funding calculations for 2017 are based on 2016 staffing and operations. Note that although 2017 calculations are based on 2016 information, the Wage enhancement/HCCEG distribution to staff and home child care providers are to be made based on 2017 time in program and there is optional flexibility to include any new 2017 positions in the funding distribution (some supplemental funding is provided to assist in this).

How do licensed child care providers get this funding in 2017?

Licensed child care providers must apply by the deadline to the County of Dufferin to get the funding. The funding is issued by the County and the amount of funding given to each provider is determined through an application process. The applications are currently available and the deadline date to apply is MARCH 31, 2017. Applications can be requested from Jane Hall (contact information below). The applications are to be completed electronically in Microsoft excel and returned to Jane Hall in the same format by the deadline date.

See the document 2017 Wage Enhancement and HCCEG Guidelines for additional helpful information.

If you have any questions regarding wage enhancement/HCCEG, please contact Jane Hall at 519-941-6991 x. 2206 or email jahall@dufferincounty.ca.

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