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Information regarding financial assistance programs in partnership with the County of Dufferin.

Community Grants
Ontario Works
Basic Financial Assistance
Funerals And Burials
Temporary Care Assistance

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Groups and organizations seeking support in the form of funds (known as “Grants”) are required to complete an application form and submit it to the Administration Department.  The application process is now closed for 2018 funding.   

PLEASE NOTE: If you submitted your 2018 grant application by regular mail or email and have not received a confirmation email by January 3, 2018, please follow up with the Clerks Department at 519-941-2816 ext. 2500. 


The FFTG program is in support of registered charities or not-for-profit organizations who are providing direct food services to individuals and families in Dufferin County.  For complete information, including required criteria for eligibility, please view the "Funding Guidelines." The application process is now closed for 2018 funding.

Click here for Funding Guidelines

*Please note, you must be signed into your email account before pressing "submit".


The County of Dufferin has a scholarship program consisting of five one-time $2,500 scholarships.   The program is intented to recognize outstanding Dufferin County students who will be pursuing post-secondary education and/or training.

Click here for the Guidelines and Application Form.

*Please note, you must be signed into your email account before pressing "submit".  You will receive a confirmation email within 1 business day.  If you do not recieve confirmation, please contact the Clerk's Department directly at 519.941.2816, ext  2500.

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Ontario Works is a program which provides financial and employment assistance to people in financial need. The County of Dufferin delivers this program to eligible residents.

About Ontario Works:
Ontario Works Directives: Click Here to read

If you are eligible: 
• You will receive financial assistance to cover basic needs and shelter. The amount of money you may receive from Ontario Works (OW) depends on your family size, income, assets, and housing costs 
• You get a monthly drug card 
• You must take part in activities to find a job. Ontario Works has many supports to help you prepare for, find and keep a job 
• If you cannot work because of a prolonged medical condition, you will be referred to the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) 
• If you are a single parent, you will be referred to the Family Support Worker to help you get child support 
• All potential sources of income, such as Employment Insurance, Worker's Compensation, and Canada Pension, will be reviewed and pursued if applicable

Click here for more information on supports offered through Ontario Works.

How Do I Apply for Ontario Works ?
The application process is started with an online application or by telephone interview.

Apply for Ontario Works

If preliminary eligibility requirements are met, an interview at the County office will be arranged. 
Apply by Phone: 519.941.6991

General information can also be requested via email at communityservicesinfo@dufferincounty.ca

An intake worker asks questions about your situation and gives you information about the program. All information provided during the telephone call is confidential. If preliminary eligibility requirements are met, an interview at the County office will be arranged.

Documents Required to Apply for Ontario Works 
• Social Insurance Number 
• Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card 
• Proof of identity such as birth certificate 
• Bank statements 
• Verification of all assets 
• Verification of all income 
• School verification 
• Proof of all accommodation costs 
• Record of employment or last pay stub 
• Proof of immigration status if required

Printable forms
• Medical Transportation and Travel Expenses 
• Child Care Receipts 
• Statement of Income
• Request for Internal Review
• Social Benefits Tribunal Appeal Form
• Rental Information Form
• Casual Earnings
• Job Search Journal
• Documents required for application to Ontario Works


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Applicants who qualify for Ontario Works Assistance can receive money to help cover the cost of their basic needs (food, clothing, etc) and shelter expenses. The amount of money they are eligible to receive depends on their:
• family size;
• age of dependents;
• income;
• assets, and
• shelter expenses


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Assistance may be available to assist with the costs associated with the funeral and burial of social assistance recipients and low income individuals. In order to assist with these costs, the person requesting the assistance must make the request prior to the funeral taking place.

To apply for assistance with a funeral and burial, please contact the County of Dufferin Ontario Works office at 519.941.6991 ext 2005 or 2016.

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Temporary Care Assistance refers to assistance that is available to an adult who is caring for a child who is not their natural or adopted child, and they are not receiving money to provide for the child's basic needs from another agency, such as the Children's Aid Society.




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