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The County of Dufferin Ontario


The County of Dufferin offers several Housing programs and services to assist with low-income, homelessness and more.

The County of Dufferin has been designated through the Housing Services Act (HSA) 2011, as the Service Manager for Social Housing for Dufferin County.

Dufferin Housing Services manages 282 senior/integrated/family units.

Market rents for units are set below the average market rent for the community.

For tenants who receive Rent Geared to Income (RGI) assistance, the rent is based on approximately 30% of their gross monthly income with adjustments for utilities.

For tenants who live in "Affordable" units the rent is based on approximately 80% of the market rent for the community. Housing units are located in Orangeville, Shelburne and Grand Valley. Applications for these units are accepted and managed by Housing Access Dufferin (HAD).

10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan for Dufferin County If you would like to know more about Housing and Homelessness in Dufferin County, please see the County’s “10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan.

10 Year Housing Plan Update:      2014    2015    2016    2017

10 Year Housing Plan Report Card:      2014     2015    2016    2017

Click here for more information on Housing Programs and Services.

Housing Access Dufferin
Housing Services
Homelessness Prevention Program
Home Ownership Program
Ontario Renovates
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Rent Geared-to-Income (RGI) assistance is also known as subsidized housing.

RGI assistance is for eligible households who do not have enough income and/or assets to pay market rent. Rent for tenants is based on their income. It is available to those who have applied to move into rental units where subsidy is offered.

Ways To Apply To The RGI Waitlist

Application and verification documents will be reviewed for eligibility. If the applicant is eligible, they are then placed on the Centralized Waiting List for Dufferin County.

For information on County of Dufferin properties, please see the information sheets below:

301 First Avenue, Shelburne

207 William Street, Shelburne

227 William Street, Shelburne

250 Simon Street, Shelburne

22 Third Street, Orangeville

40 Lawrence Avenue, Orangeville

43 Bythia Street, Orangeville

56 Bythia Street, Orangeville

71 Emma Street, Grand Valley

Scattered Family Units

Households currently on the Housing Access Dufferin Waiting List are required to complete an Information Update package on an annual basis.  Households will be contacted by Housing Access Dufferin staff requesting this information annually. 

For more information contact Housing Access Dufferin (HAD), County of Dufferin Community Services, 30 Centre Street, Orangeville, Ontario 519.941.6991 ext 2021

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County of Dufferin tenants should contact their Community Services Worker (CSW) if they have questions about their tenancy at 519.941.6991.

Tenants wanting to report repairs should call the Housing Maintenance Line at 519.941.8221.

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Low income residents of Dufferin County may be eligible for financial assistance to help find or keep housing.

Eligible expenses may include last month's rent deposits, utility deposits, and rent and utility arrears.

Other housing-related expenses may be considered, such as moving and storage, or emergency needs for people who are homeless.

Funds are limited and subject to availability

Applicants must meet eligibility criteria and provide proof of all information, including income, housing costs and other expenses.

Applications for this program are available at the Community Services office in Orangeville, the Ontario Early Years Centres in Shelburne and Grand Valley.

For more information on the program please download an application package or contact County of Dufferin Community Services, 30 Centre Street, Orangeville, Ontario 519.941.6991 ext 2110

General information regarding this program can be requested via email at communityservicesinfo@dufferincounty.ca

For handy hints and tips for saving money, please download a copy of the Financial Basics Brochure.

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The County of Dufferin Homeownership Program is designed to provide moderate income households with an interest free down payment assistance loan/second mortgage to assist them in purchasing their own home.

The County of Dufferin can provide up to ten percent (10%) in down payment assistance to eligible applicants to assist them in purchasing a home to a maximum of $45,000.

Program Criteria

  • Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years old
  • Applicants must be renter households
  • Applicants must have a gross current household income at or below $90,500 (subject to change)
  • Applicants must be eligible for financing from a financial institution for the first mortgage
  • The purchase price of the home must be at or below $455,000 (subject to change)
  • Home ownership loan amount is 10% of the purchase price to a maximum of $45,000 and is registered as a second mortgage
  • First mortgage and second mortgage combined cannot exceed the purchase price of the home
  • Home must be within the County of Dufferin
  • Home must be sole residence and not used for rental income

For more information on the program please download an application package or contact County of Dufferin Community Services, 30 Centre Street, Orangeville, Ontario 519.941.6991, ext. 2110

General information regarding this program can be requested via email at communityservicesinfo@dufferincounty.ca 

For information to help you make an informed decision, visit the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) for tips and tools on what to expect:  http://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/en/co/buho/index.cfm

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Accessibility Repair Grant Program

The Investment in Affordable Housing for Ontario (IAH) – Ontario Renovates Component provides financial assistance for low to moderate income homeowner or renter households to increase accessibility of their unit through modifications and adaptations.  The program runs from April to December.

Eligible Repairs

Eligible repairs for an IAH Ontario Renovates Accessibility Grant may include the modifications to increase accessibility related to housing and reasonably related to the occupant’s disability including:

  • Ramps
  • Handrails
  • Chair and Bath Lifts
  • Height Adjustments to Countertops
  • Cues for doorbells/fire alarms

Other eligible costs may include labour and applicable taxes, building permits, legal, appraisal and inspection fees, certificates, drawings, specifications and any other costs that the County of Dufferin deems reasonable.

Homeowner/Renter Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for IAH Ontario Renovates financial assistance the homeowner/renter must meet the following criteria (as applicable):

  • Gross household income at or below Annual Maximum Household Income Level per Ministry of Housing.  Subject to Change.
  • Own a home or rent a unit that is their sole and principal residence
  • Be a minimum 18 years of age

House/Unit Eligibility Criteria

Units eligible under the IAH Ontario Renovates program must meet the following criteria:

  • The value of the home must be at or below $455,000.  Subject to Change.
  • Property taxes and mortgage payments must be up-to-date
  • Insurance coverage must be in place for the full value of the home

Click here for more information regarding Access Duffeirn.

For more information on the program please download an application package or contact County of Dufferin Community Services, 30 Centre Street, Orangeville, Ontario 519.941.6991 ext 2110.

General information about this program can be requested via email at communityservicesinfo@dufferincounty.ca

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The Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) is a community-based program that relies on communities to determine their own needs and to develop appropriate projects. The HPS supports 61 designated communities and some small, rural, northern and Aboriginal communities to develop local solutions to homelessness. Dufferin County is a designated community where the Federal Government has made a commitment to maintain annual funding for housing and homelessness from 2014-2019. Our community is served by a Community Advisory Board (CAB), a steering committee that develops a Community Plan (CP). The CP priority is: “To reduce homelessness through a Housing First (HF) approach.”  HF focuses on moving people who are experiencing chronic and episodic homelessness as rapidly as possible from the street or emergency shelter into permanent housing with supports that vary according to client need. The CAB committee plays a vital role as a champion for the continuum of care for housing and homelessness in our community.

Each of the 61 designated communities is required to develop a comprehensive community plan to address homelessness that identifies issues and priorities, and provides additional information about partnerships and target populations. HPS funds are invested in projects that support the community priorities identified in the plan.  To see Dufferin’s approved Community Plan please see:   Dufferin Homelessness Partnering Strategy Community Plan 2014–2019

CAB includes a range of partners from the public, not-for-profit and private sectors. These partners work together to develop plans for ending homelessness in their communities.

The County of Dufferin act as the Community Entity (CE) to flow HPS funds to CAB from the Federal Government. For more information on the CAB please email cabenquiries@dufferincounty.ca

In 2013 CAB commissioned a report to paint a picture of what homelessness looks like in Dufferin County.  The report provides a baseline of Dufferin specific information to help with planning and to help raise awareness.  To find out more please see: “State of Homelessness in Dufferin” report.


20,000 Homes Campaign

The 20,000 Homes Campaign is a national movement of communities working together to permanently house 20,000 of Canada’s most vulnerable homeless people by July 1, 2020.  The campaign is spear headed by the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness.

Dufferin Campaign

At CAB’s meeting on Wednesday July 20th, 2016, the committee voted to join the 20,000 Homes campaign in order to strengthen and promote the ongoing work in the area of Housing First.

The committee then formed a ‘Project Leadership’ sub committee which held their first meeting on Tuesday August 2, 2016 and started the ground work for the campaign. 

The committee continues to meet, and includes representatives from the County of Dufferin (Housing Division), Services and Housing In Province (SHIP), Choices Youth Shelter, and Family Transition Place (FTP).

In keeping with the goals of the HPS, and as part of 20K Homes Campaign, 101 people experiencing homelessness or who are at-risk-of-homelessness were surveyed in the Dufferin County in October of 2016. The findings from these surveys are presented in the 20,000 Homes Dufferin Results Report.  An additional survey took place on May 14 and 15, 2018.  The results from the second count are presented as an "info graphic" and in the Dufferin County 2018 Point-in-Time Homelessness Count Report.  

For more information please visit: www.20kdufferin.shipshey.ca




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