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Collection Schedule

Garbage, Blue Boxes, Green Bins, and bulky items are collected on your regular collection day, as outlined below. 

NOTE: Yard waste is not collected on your regular collection day.

Click here for the full 2018/2019 calendar

All waste should be at the curb by 7am on your scheduled collection day, and no earlier than 5pm the day before.

Routes can change. Keep in mind that sometimes collection routes are altered to accommodate winter weather, snow removal and construction, among other things. To ensure your waste is collected, have it out by 7 a.m. on your collection day. For timely updates about route alterations or cancellations, call GFL at 1.888.941.3345 ext. 1.


For missed collections, contact GFL directly at 1.888.941.3345 ext. 1 or dufferin@gflenv.com or
Dufferin Waste at 519.941.2816 ext. 2620 or dufferinwaste@dufferincounty.ca


Melancthon and Mulmur including both sides of Highway 89
Orangeville east of Dawson, south of Broadway

Mono not including Mono-Amaranth Townline or Highway 89
East Garafraxa including both sides of Dufferin Road 109
Orangeville east and including First Street, north of Broadway

Orangeville Broadway, Mill Street, west of Dawson Road, south of Broadway
** NOTE ** Due to traffic congestion, Broadway, from Riddell to Hwy 10, is collected at 6 a.m.

Grand Valley and Amaranth including both sides of Mono-Amaranth Townline, not including Highway 89 or Dufferin Road 109
Orangeville west of First Street, north of Broadway

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Holiday Interruptions

There will be no curbside collection on the following holidays:

  • New Years Day
  • Family Day
  • Victoria Day
  • Canada Day
  • Civic Holiday
  • Labour Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

Check the annual collection calendar for specific dates.

Collections for the day of the holiday and the rest of the week will be shifted to one day later.

For example, if the holiday is on Monday, then Monday’s routes will be collected on Tuesday, Tuesday’s routes will be collected on Wednesday, and so on. If the holiday falls on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, there will be no interruptions to waste collections that week.

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Bins & Boxes

Blue Boxes, Green Bins and kitchen collectors are available at local municipal offices, the Orangeville Operations Centre, and the County office at 55 Zina Street, Orangeville.

If your container is broken, bring it in! We’ll have it recycled and give you a new one.

Extra containers are also available for a fee.

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It is important that containers are visible and neatly set out at the curb. Keep containers for each stream (e.g. garbage, Blue Boxes & Green Bin) separated at the curb.


In the winter, maintain an area to safely place waste containers at the road. Containers placed on a snowbank can not be collected for health and safety reasons.


The trucks that collect Blue Boxes and Green Bins have a "split body". It may look like the compostable material is going in the same place as recyclables, however, the trucks being used to collect the materials have two separate compartments. You can't see the two compartments unless you're standing at the back of the truck.

Rural areas

The use of a waste enclosure to store garbage, Blue Boxes, and Green Bins at the end of your lane is permitted in rural areas. The enclosure must have a flag, similar to a mailbox, in order to notify collection staff if there are materials to be picked up.  The flag should be at least 5 x 10 cm (2 x 4 inches) and painted red. Collection staff will not stop if they do not see a red flag. The location of all enclosures must be approved by Dufferin County Waste Services.  This flyer contains more information on waste enclosures.

There are some rural roads that the collection vehicles only travel in one direction. On these roads, waste must be put on a particular side of the road to be collected. If waste is placed on the wrong side of the road, opposite the “line of travel”, residents are notified by the driver with an “Oops” sticker. If you have any questions regarding the line of travel, please call Dufferin Waste at 519.941.2816 ext. 2620.


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The County of Dufferin does not own or operate any waste facilities (landfill, transfer station, depot, etc.), where residents can take garbage, recyclables, or other waste streams. There is one privately-run transfer station within Dufferin County, which is owned and operated by Green for Life:

GFL Dufferin Transfer
473051 Dufferin Road 11, Amaranth
7am to 5pm Monday to Friday
7am to 3pm Saturday

Appliances, bulky items, construction and demolition material, electronic waste, household garbage, recyclables, scrap metal, tires, yard waste. Some fees may apply.

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The Take it Back Directory is a one-stop guide for residents to take back items for reuse, recycling or proper disposal at local retailers, vendors and organizations.

Be a part of the Waste Services Guide!

Did you know that your business, organization, or charity can be part of the next Waste Services Guide? The Take it Back Directory is located in the back of the Waste Services Guide, which is sent to every household in Dufferin County. If your organization takes back or accepts specific materials or products, it could be included in the Directory. Click here to apply online. 


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Read past issues of our newsletter, the Diversion Digest.

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519.941.2816 ext. 2620


55 Zina Street, Orangeville ON L9W 1E5

Contact GFL directly at 1.888.941.3345 ext. 1 or dufferin@gflenv.com for missed collections, timely updates and route alterations, to schedule a collection for bulky items or white goods, or to schedule a collection for yard waste in rural areas.

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