Climate Action in Dufferin

Dufferin County is taking action on climate change. 

In May 2018, Dufferin County joined the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) Program, along with over 350 other municipalities across Canada. By working through the PCP Milestone Framework, Dufferin County will save money in municipal operations, lower energy costs for residents and businesses, and increase investment in the local economy.

​​​​​Dufferin County is creating a Community Climate Action Plan. The plan will include a greenhouse gas emissions inventory, GHG reduction targets, and practical actions to be taken by municipalities, organizations, and community members to achieve the set targets while increasing community resiliency.

Corporate Climate Action plan forthcoming in 2020.

Call For Entries: Your Climate Story

Climate Action Story PosterThe Museum of Dufferin has partnered with Climate Action in Dufferin to create a digital exhibition exploring one of today’s hottest topics: climate change. Submit your written stories, artistic works, or photos/videos sharing your personal experience with climate change for inclusion in the exhibit. Visit the Call for Entries Page for more information on the exhibit and details.

Participants will be entered in a draw for a chance to win 1 of 2 $50 gift cards to a local restaurant of your choice. Entries close on September 18, 2020.

Get Involved

Climate ActionThe County of Dufferin is inviting community members to share their ideas for the forthcoming Dufferin Climate Action Plan. Community members can contribute to climate change planning by identifying risks, sharing local knowledge and experience, and assessing the viability of climate action measures.

Over the coming months the County of Dufferin will undertake an engagement process to ensure that climate change planning is guided by community needs and priorities. Together, we can build a resilient climate future for Dufferin County with your visions at the heart of the Climate Action Plan. Visit the project on “Join in Dufferin”

Dufferin County Climate Change Collaborative (DC4)

The Dufferin County Climate Change Collaborative (DC4) was established to support the County of Dufferin in the development of the Dufferin Climate Action Plan. The DC4 is comprised of local representatives and is collaborating with Dufferin County to create climate action pathways for the community.

Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan Cover Page

Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan