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Climate Ready: Home Flood Protection

Flooding is the most common natural disaster in Canada.

Prepare Now, Save Later

The climate is changing and Dufferin County is getting warmer, wetter, and wilder. This means heavier rainfall events will happen more often, increasing the risk of flooding in your home.

Types of Flooding

Overland Flooding

Groundwater Seepage/ Infiltration

Sewer Back-Up

Plumbing And Fixtures

Raindrops falling onto cement.

Don’t Wait For The Water

Before a Flood

Step 1: Maintain What You’ve Got (DIY for $0)

Step 2: Complete Simple Upgrades (DIY for <$250)

Step 3: Complete More Complex Upgrades (Contractor $250+)

Home Flood Protection is just a click away!

Flood Prevention Resources

Other Resources

Flood Notifications

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