Plan to Save: Food Waste Reduction

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On average, households throw away about $1500 worth of food per year. Most of this food waste includes healthy and edible foods like fruits and vegetables that could have been eaten but were thrown away in the garbage or Green Bin. Food waste can be avoided with knowledge and skills around meal planning and proper storage! 

The Plan to Save Reduce Food Waste campaign offers tips and resources to help you learn about your food waste habits, waste less food, save more money and eat healthier in the process! Please visit our Resources section to download free materials such as a Produce Storage Guide, Refrigerator Infographic, Meal Planning Sheet, and more! 

In September of 2019, we ran a campaign that included weekly challenges. Please feel free to follow the weekly activities on your own time to help you along your journey to reduce food waste. We had four local champions who led the challenge and represented one of four common household profiles including the Frantic Family, Busy Professional, Empty Nester, and Foodie. If you resonate with one of these profiles, please visit our Meet Your Champions section to learn about their journey and find more tips to help you reduce food waste in your household! 

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