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single story building with flat roof and a lot of windows and a small garden in front

Council In Brief – July 11, 2024

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day - September 9, 2024

Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus - 2024-2025 Strategic Priorities

Service and Governance Review from StrategyCorp Inc.

A mailbox sits at the end of a laneway by the road

Traffic By-Law Amendments - Community Safety Zone & Reduced Speeds

2024 Bill Hill Scholarship Recipients

A small globe with a graduation hat sits on top of a collection of hardcover novels

Dufferin County Equity Collaborative 2023 Report to the Community

Community Safety and Well Being Plan – 2023 Annual Report

Shelburne Centre for Health Collaboration with the Toronto Metropolitan University

Building Division Customer Service Initiatives and Enhancements

Nails, tape measure, and small model home sit atop a blueprint.

Proposed Changes to the Building Fees and Charges By-Law

Appointment of New Integrity Commissioner

Large Event in East Garafraxa on July 20-21

A map of Dufferin County that shows all road construction projects for 2024

Council Advocating for Safety Improvements at Dufferin Road 17 & Hwy 10 in Melancthon

Council Advocating for Continuation of Wastewater Testing Program

Upcoming Meetings

County Council Recording

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