Yard Waste

Yard waste is collected bi-weekly for the urban areas and rural subdivisions in Dufferin County. Rural yard waste is collected on a monthly call-in basis.

Collection starts on Monday at 7a.m. and continues throughout the week until the area is completed. Please note that your yard waste collection may not be the same day as your regular collection day.

Yard waste Week A (dark brown) is collected in the Town of Orangeville.

Yard waste Week B (yellow) is collected in the urban areas of Grand Valley and Shelburne, as well as rural subdivisions.

In rural areas (grey), yard waste is collected on a monthly call-in basis. To be added to the list, contact GFL at 1.888.941.3345 ext. 1 or dufferin@gflenv.com at least one week in advance.

Click here to download yard waste map.

  • Rural Subdivisions in Week B
    • Brookhaven Cres.
    • Campbell Road
    • Cardinal Wood
    • Devonleigh Drive
    • Fieldstone
    • Garafraxa Woods
    • Grand View Road
    • Hornings Mills
    • Island Lake
    • Laurel
    • Madill Drive
    • Mansfield
    • Mansfield Ski Hill Area
    • Marsville
    • Nature's Landing
    • Purple Hill
    • Rayburn Meadows
    • Robinson Road
    • Starrview Cres.
    • Sylvanwood Estates
    • Village Green
    • Waldemar
    • Watermark
  • Set Out Requirements

    Place yard waste in paper bags, open labeled containers or bundles. Dufferin Waste also provides Yellow Yard Waste Stickers for personal containers. Contact us at 519.941.2816 ext. 2620 or email dufferinwaste@dufferincounty.ca. 

    Up to 20 bags/containers/bundles can be placed out for each collection. Plastic bags are not permitted.

    Each bag/container/bundle should not exceed 125L (33 gal), 20kg (44lbs), or 1.25m (4feet). Secure bundles with twine.

  • Acceptable Items
    • Fallen fruit from trees 
    • Grass clippings  
    • Hedge trimmings
    • Leaves
    • Tree prunings (sticks, twigs & small branches)
    • Weeds
    • Yard & house plants (no soil)
    • Yard & garden trimmings
  • Christmas Trees

    Christmas trees are collected in January.  Do not bag trees for collection and ensure that decorations are removed. Trees that are buried in snow will not be collected.

  • Noxious Weeds

    Noxious weeds (ex. giant hogweed, wild parsnip, garlic mustard, etc.) are not accepted in the County’s Green Bin or Yard Waste collection programs and should be handled with care. Noxious weeds are considered garbage, and have additional rules for disposal:

    • Material must  be double-bagged in clear garbage bags
    • Once bagged, please leave bags in the sun for at least a week
    • For Curbside Collection: Following the County’s garbage collection program, one bag of garbage is allowed per week. Therefore any bags of noxious weeds that exceed the one bag limit will require a garbage bag tag. Garbage tags cost $2 and a complete list of vendors are found here. For safety reasons, please notify GFL prior to collection: 1-888-941-3345, ext.1
    • Bags can also be taken to the transfer station after being left in the sun for at least a week. A per bag disposal charge will apply. Please call the GFL Transfer Station to notify them of the disposal (519-943-0101). Residents are asked to bring the material first thing in the morning. The GFL Transfer Station is located at 473051 County Road 11, Orangeville.
Yard Waste Collection Areas

Yard Waste Collection Areas